Tanks need a buff?

Hey there. I'm playin since Season 3 and right now it feels like the game is still in its worst state ever... There is just so much damage and the main teamfights are usually over in like up to 5 seconds. What i hate the most is that i feel like tanks are completly useless, especially vs ADCs. Recently, I played a lot of midlane because i got so sick of toplane, though i used to be a top main. Throughout the last weeks i tried it again, mainly to play tanks and I still feel like its almost guaranteed to lose the game as soon as you go in teamfights. Just like last game, i played Renekton Tank with 300 armor 4k HP with thornmail(!!!) and ninja tabis(!!!) but i still got shredded by twitch (no armor pen) and trist in like 3 seconds. So whats the point of playin tanky then, when u can only survive like 3-5 seconds in any fight?! That is what i kinda hate in this game atm. When i was adc main in Season 3 and 4, i always had to go for armor pen as 3rd item to deal just any dmg when the enemy Team had a tank. And most of the time you had to communicate as a Team to get good fights. The tanks usually went for either Armor or Magic resist. When they stacked up armor, u told the AP-heavy mates to focus them and when they stacked mr, the adc hit them. That was actually a Task and you had to think about whom ur attacking, especially when the tank had thornmail that honestly dealt some dmg. Right now it seems like all you have to do is 'hit anything thats in range, no matter what items he/she got, cause anyone will die in 3-5 seconds'. No communication on who focuses whom is needed and thornmail is the worst item i believe, even against autohit champs. I also checked some stats on Tanks on the Internet and most of them got real bad win rates, especially when the game exceeds 25 minutes and you start some Teamfights. So I'm interested in what you guys think. I feel like the nerfs to ninja tabis and thornmail and the buffs to ADCs made tanks completly useless and they need some real buffs!
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