What if we introduce remake points

I was wondering how about introducing remake points in ranked as an alternative to dodging. Here's how it works: * Every player will get 1 remake point (limited to 1). When the point is used it will refresh after 30 games or after 1 month since the last remake point used. * Using an remake point will open a vote system where all players have to vote yes to sucessfully make the remake: * Failsafe: When 4 of the 5 players voted yes. One of the remaining players that voted yes can use an remake point to still make the remake happen. This is not the case when 3 of the 5 players voted yes. * The ones that use the remake point won't be Q'd together with his existing teamates unless your premade. * Your remake point won't be consumed if the remake didn't happen. * Remake points are limited to ranked

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