So Qiyana cant get her Water element at all, in 3v3 mode.

So I was playing my beloved{{champion:26}} , fighting a Qiyana {{champion:246}} , it was good overall. When I just had the most random, but on point thought, and I proceeded to make it public in game: - {{champion:26}} Yo Qiyana. Can you get your Water Element at all in 3v3, anywhere? - {{champion:246}} Hmmm, apparently not. Gimme a moment, let me check my skill in some places, and I report back. (A minute later) Confirmed: No, I just cant. - {{champion:26}} Lol... Isnt that a disadvantage, for Qiyana players? I mean, I dont care much, I wont ever play that woman, but if I were to be a Qiyana Main, and I liked 3v3, I'd feel really bad, to be honest... xD And well, thats it. They should add a way for Qiyana, to get the Water Element for her weapon. ... But there are so many things that 3v3 needs, and Riot just forgets about that Map/mode... :/ (And I dont have a tendency to critisize Riot often at all, very rarely I do, actually. But I admit, that the attention 3v3 mode gets, is like 0.000001%). Edit: I mean, Qiyana is not THAT bad in 3v3. Actually, due to the "Streets/lanes", being so Narrow,, she gets benefit a bit. But just the fact that she cant access a part of her Kit, its truly a Disadvantage. Edit2: Maybe add a way in the "Midlane", where the Heal is located (Between Top and Bot)?
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