Please consider changing how you structure quests.

The Star Guardian game mode is far far FAR to Unfair. it's almost impossible to get an A and even thinking on an S rank is a joke. Riot should be aware that the community is not as cooperative as you're trying to force us to be. Making quests that rely on other people isn't challenging it's frustrating and unfun. I've spent the last 2 days playing this game mode and the ranking system is abysmal for how frustrating, not difficult, frustrating the game play is. I've gotten multiple S ranks and A's and One C rank destroys the entire game and makes it a literal waste of time. The level in which you spawn nearly 100 enemies and expect it to be beaten in 70 seconds is the best example of how the game mode is frustrating, It is unfair and almost impossible for anyone who isn't a literal hacker or developer to even come close to beating. Please, for the sake of not only your community AND the longevity of the game it self, consider changing how you structure quests as they should NOT depend so heavily on other people since it turns them from challenges to pure luck and frustration. your community isn't suited for quests that require teamwork, that isn't an insult, it's the truth.
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