Just tried TFT Hextech dusgusting,would not recommend.

Just tried TFT. Top 4 all went Hextech,for all the games I played. I only arrived at top 5 best,because having one item less/having to %%%% up your formation is just too broken. I get they exist to avoid a single champion from being OP AF,I totally get why thats unfun... THEN WHY WOULD HEXTECH APPLY AS AN AOE????? It just avoid any possible formation you can do. Disgusting I like the rest of the change,but Hextech needs to be changed to single target. The feeling of building your team up,getting a good formation and then Hextech just says:"KOREGA REQUIEM DA" and just nulliefies all your effort is not a good feeling. Not being able to change your formation to avoid that feeling is also the worse possible feeling. Vote 3/10 Would not recommend. But can see why someone like it,unfortunately,only the one that are abusing Hextech,thats it.
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