rioooooooot support is ded 1!!!!!1

so this wonderful week i (season 3 veteran and eventually since s6 reformed person) got to experience the "joy" of having griefing people in my games for 4 good times in one week . eheeeee and because writing to riot support about it will result in the great help of the usefull blitzcrank bot im going to cry here,because i need actual humans to listen to me :) because i feel that slowly the toxicity that i sealed away deep inside my heart is going to leak out and turn me into a mentally insane person that would crush his keyboard and eat the keys (yummy!) is it only me or does it feel like all the riot support workers got fired or are asleep because the bread crumbs riot feeds them got very small? anyway riot keeps giving 3 and 4th chances to them most toxic and griefing people that can only experience fun by ruining the fun for everyone else IMAGINE if i wold have done that prior to my ban 2 years ago? riot would have broken into my house and destroyed my pc guys D: but the times have changed we cannot expect the most obvious beyond evil people to get banned or something oh noooo because everyone needs to believe into the good in the people..the same people that now wish me cancer for absolutely no reason in my almost everyday games this tilts me so hard and i can barely play more than 2 games a has gotten so bad that i dont find any joy in even winning games you cannot possibly or probably you can feel me when i say how bad it is to have someone run it down and just keep farming for 20 minutes even as you know you will not win- and that is not my lack of attitude but actual facts in (platin 4 100 lp ) that a team will lose a 4 v 5 in 90% of cases but there is hope now that riot has invented tft for all the emotionally crippled people like me that feel dead inside ...i mean instead of fixing toxicity but you got to take what you get. i just wonder why riot games with their bags and bank full of skin money cant fight toxicity and it is obvious that riot support is going DOWN in quality and quantity blitzcrank bot should never have to be a thing....blitzcrank bot is a sign that hings have gotten way out of hand if i am wrong change my mind by having any rioters reply to me simple as that and if there are none chances are i might get toxic again because noone can have the current solo q experience and get away unharmed
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