Why do the trouble to make the support role popular when you ruined it with 1 tempory hotfix

TL;DR this happend a few patches ago: #You no longer gain gold without an ally nearby This causes some serious problems in lower mmr solo Q since people die all the time out their and you often don't have a partner arround to collect your gold this result in the following problems: * You can't controle vision because your delayed sightstone * You can't roam that often since every second your out of lane is a deadtimer risk of not getting gold while also not having the vision to safely pulling it off * You can't controle objectives because you have no vision * You can't create picks that often because you have no vision In general you are screwed depending on the lane outcome. When I used to focus how I could win my lane as fast as possible to help other lanes I'm not stuck stalking my gold income that makes horrible plays that I can't stop him from making.
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