Ranked Idea: Linking LP with Champion Mastery

Recently i played a ranked game and got grouped with 4 premades. And ... well ... they sucked xD which is why we lost the game **BUT**: I had a really awesome game and got a **S rank even tho we lost the game** pretty hard and so **I lost a whole bunch of LP**! **So i had this idea**: why not **link the amount of LP loss/gain to the Champion Mastery you get this game**? For Example: Defeat: **S** -> lose no LP || **A** -> lose only a few LP (like 3-10, depending if u get A-, A or A+) || **B** -> lose LP like normal || **C and below** -> you lose more LP Victory: **S** -> you gain way more LP ||** A** -> you gain a few bonus LP ||** B** -> gain LP like normal || **C and below** -> you gain less LP ________________________________________________ I really think this addition has a lot of advantages! - **It feels way more rewarding if you have a awesome game** - goes for both Victory and Defeat - **Ranked will be a better representation of each individual player** - its still a teambased game (because you still lose or win depending how the team plays together and stuff) but each player additionally gets "rated" depending on how he played this game -> **It's harder to carry people into Divisions where they dont belong** - ofc its not impossible but player who dont belong is a specific Division dont earn as much LP as player who belong there -> **It's punishing for feeder and trolls** - **It could lead to a "bigger Champion roster"** because the player might prefer to pick their out-of-meta main Champ (just maybe ^^)
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