Stormrazor, Xayah and patch 9.3 (crit part)

First of all, hello everyone that will read this, _**I will write this in steps because i am talented to loose myself in my own words :))**_ **So let's begin with patch 9.3 :** It's simply not helping any other adc other then the one being already strong before this patch... it worked for Draven,Vayne,Jhin,Sivir etc... but what is with the others? Let's say Varus or Kog'Maw the only thing what they got from this patch is that they will even played less then before! So I don't understand why change something that only a few champs can get something from, even if they already worked before without big problems? **So, now I will continue with Stormrazor :** It got extremly under-powered to be honest, I understand it wasn't intended to be the item that most adc's pick first and everything but now it doesn't help at all, it could maybe be taken as late item but who gonna take it if you could go for a bloodthirster or other stuff instead that could be much more usefull in the game?( if you play adc and use Stormrazor a lot, please tell me in which way because i simply don't find a use for it to be honest:/) **And finally, last but not least, let's talk about my absolute favorit champion Xayah :** She has not much health, no real mobility, no armor that would help anything and without stormrazor it's literally being hell on earth to get some real good damage with her especially when there is a volibear or a shyvana that like to make you fly & die (who wouldn't if there is a chicken nugget trying to get you that does no damage, has not really much health to deal with and has to be on the same spot for a long time to get enough feather together to root and tickle you with it?) I found some help thanks to the support of riot _(special thanks to you there Karen :3)_ that has/had also a problem to find a build that works for her on Xayah. So she gave me some builds that some pro players are trying with my dear vastayan fighter. The one that works the best for me was : Essence Reaver -> IE -> Firecannon ( if you have builds to recomend please write them down i am open to find other ones that work as well or even better with the bird girl) But it still doesn't bring back the chance to really impact the game against other ADC that are even worse now like Draven, Vayne or Sivir. With the old stormrazor i had at least a good chance to have some impact but now i have to hide behind minions and the tower until i have my 2nd or 3rd item that i can finally do something and even then i don't have a chance against any champion when i am alone because i can't make enough damage on my own! The old stormrazor was the item where you had chance to really do something against the others, before the change you did not much damage at the begining but with the first item ( stormrazor) you had finally a chance to counter play,to impact, to help correctly, etc.. Like how is it right now you can only do something if you play, like i said it in the first part, the champions that where before the patch already strong : Draven, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Sivir, .... If now you try it with Xayah you will get probably destroyed in the game. And I think it's also because of that problem that you can't see many xayah player on bot because they can't do much with how it is now (let's not even begin with Rakan who is now more like a old man with asthma):/. _**Thank you for reading what I wrote & sorry if there are some spealing or grammar that is not correct :c**_ **Have a nice day/night and thank you for responding with helpful and interesting comments :3** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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