Can you carry games when: Top: Keeps fighting and dying saying "im not fighing hes diving me" - True he dives him, but after he loses 70% hp in a fight off turret. Mid: Dies in occasionall ganks and flames jg Botlane Case 1: Trolls Midlaner cuz he doesnt wanna help and flames his adc for not taking stupid fights. Adc is good but is being dived 24/7. Botlane Case 2: Keeps fighting and constantly dying to ganks, when you ask them to play deff and wait for gank(not be alive 30 sec in total) Enemy team: Top: Stomps and has wards in most of bushes(doesnt matter too much tho, explained below) Mid: Some fed assasin: Bot: Average adc with support like Nautilus/Morgana/Blitz/Leona who hits everything. Jungle: Some fed Brusier, assasin like heca, kha, seju, malph... As a twitch jungle main, what could i do? I gank toplane first, and even after we get a kill and enemy has no top, 2 mins later toplaner dies. Its 3min now: I got starting jg clear item, tried to gank some lane but they wait for me to engage from 2 miles away, i do engage, slow enemy, deal dmg, he wastes spells, and about when he escape to tower allies came almost in range. 10 min: Top or bot is already hard inting now, they dont want to wait for ganks, and when i manage to gank them, they either play it terribly(dont know to follow gank), or just run away after pinging you gazillion times. 15min: soo i usally got bloodrazor now and managed to get 2-3 kills by some miracle, i go top/bot and win a fight, give kills to myself or adc(depends if i have any faith in him). 15-20Min: Enemy fed assasin midlaner or jungler is now jungle tracking me. I use controls and see wards and destroy them, but since they know im there i cant go and take my camps. They come instantly, destroy control and put new wards. 20+Min: Soo we already lost some turrets, usally 2 on every lane. I eventually got hurricane and started clearing jg slowly(Take 1 camp and run away). Temmates now play deff since they are afraid to fight, matterlessly, they get dived after 2-3 mins of enemy team sieging mid. 25Min: When i have r, i come and scare enemies away, since i got no dmg they dont fight back first 1-2 times. 25+Min: I got Bloodrazor/Hurricane and bf/crit from ie. Enemies realize i cant kill them soo they just start diving us all. I manage to get like 10 aa on them since i got flash, but they are too fed and tanky to die, they rush in and kill us all, since i dont have enough items to carry this kind of situation, and game is lost then. What am i doing wrong and can i carry this? If yes, please give me advice how.

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