People Asking What Is Viktor Doing Top Lane

I will tell you the story, but to start with, can you please tell me what are Irelia, Aatrox and Urgot doing mid lane? I mean Irelia has been the most busted midlaner for months now and she works as an Assassin Tank Figher and people didn't complain about that as much as the "cancer Viktor top". Now I answer your question. Vikror, like most of the low mobiliy mage, is having a really hard time in mid lane with around 47% win rate. The poor guy can't survive with champions like Irelia, LeBlanc and Akali exist and they bully him out of his lane. Someone decided to give Viktor a warm hug and introduce him to top lane, a place with more possibility he will not face a champion with 8567 dashes that make sure he will have the gray screen for most of the game. How kind. BTW it was the same person who took Talyah to Jungle when Riot destroyed her waveclear and now even a sorsks can push faster than her. When Riot nerf mages, they really smash them down. Look at Talyah mid waveclear, Azir, Ryze. They gat nerfed like 57 patches in a row and the nerfs are nor joke. But when Riot nerfs Irelia? They reduce her movement speed by 5 as if a champion with a million dashes even needs to run. BTW, when even the best pro players in the most organized teams in the world perma pick/ban champions like Urgot, Aatrox, Irelia, LeBlanc and Akali who should be "more solo queue oriented" and almost neglect champions like Azir and Orianna who shoud "excel in organized team comps" then u must feel something is going really really wrong.
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