Riot Games new management doesn't understand sports

With all the changes during season 8 that made it universally hated worst season and the refusal of any attempt to repair the horribleness that followed all I can say is that Riot games current management just doesn't understand sports or games. And worst of all, Riot doesn't understand MOBA. The very game genre they helped to create. In sports you're supposed to offer clarity both for the audience of the sports and the player of the sports, a clear way to communicate what is permitted and what things get penalized on a clear set of rules, offer clear ways for players to know what they're going to get if things go south and ability to adapt to the situations. In sports you're not supposed to change the rules every 2 weeks and expect people to be happy. Changes should be incremental, not balance breaking. One day Renekton is OP unstoppable tank, next day he can't win 1v1 in level 3 against Fiddlesticks. The way the newer system works it just makes game fail miserably on being a SPORT. Not only you're given info on a single rune from the start of the game loading screen, but after loading screen I don't know where to check the runes anymore, unless they appear on character when you click on them. And to top that off, the whole idea of successful gaming company runs around **MEETING THE EXPECTATIONS**, that's why when Valve released DotA Card game nobody liked it. That's why Blizzard releasing Diablo on Mobile was thought as a joke. You have no understanding of your core player base, and all you want to do is just try cater to some casual audience who might find these new runes interesting, but all they really offer is BS hidden mechanics that are difficult to understand and learn. Just to take an example, there's bottom lane rune that helps you with instant heal from potion, giving you easily 50 more hitpoints to last a full flash autoattack from enemy if they saw you already waste heal and are now literally 1 hit from dying, they flash in and you just pop this invisible power that in no way was communicated on client any shape or form, you're just supposed to know apparently these new things with some outside of the game tool. I don't need a research team to figure out how to play the game, got it? I don't need "interesting new runes" and 6 ways to apply same damage on opponent, while basically having 1 or 2 defensive talents that don't even apply to all the characters. Like what are you doing to your game? You have any clue what you're doing? Where's the clarity of knowing when person jumps on you that ah he's going to have hard time if that thing lands to, OH he just blinked next to him and auto one and now other guy is dead, okay. Like do you pre-record some fake audience reactions to play at the Tournaments now or what? It's like in Icehockey all the sudden you hit the puck in middle of the field and it goes nowhere and then judge calls it a goal. Would you expect audience to be like "YEAH, GOOOOAAAAL, YEAH MY TEAM ROCKS!" or more like "...THE F---??". I understand of course in sports there are a lot of people who just care about their team or nationality and couldn't literally give a F--- about the game, but is that really the fans you want to cater towards? The people who don't really care about the game? The game is dying, a chaotically rapid speed, and all you're doing is releasing just some skins. How are you this bad at management? All you've tried to done in past year was trying to fix this endlessly leaking rabbit hole instead of just starting from the fresh start. I guess once the game got sold to Chinese overlords the American leadership just said "bye-bye see you in ten years we'll be putting new game out there", is that what happened? The game isn't fun anymore. I had 100% normal KDA in halfway across the game, landed all my skillshots and Morgana landed her bindings on Jarvan, and he lost like 10% hp, while he jumped in and 3 shotted me with ultimate because he was fed by top lane and jungle. How do you think players feel when they're behind and are pretty much incapable of doing anything? Like the problems were always pretty bad but at least I could see the build and I would know what the player is capable of doing, now it's like the opponent like Yasuo blink e q R, then there's some proc that suddenly makes my 30% remaining health drained away. Where's the counterplay anymore? Where is the strategic positioning? A fed tank can just wipe entire team all by himself because of the defensive and offensive scaling of the runes further boosting their abilities, while people who get behind are suffering from high lack of damage and runes may not even proc. I was fighting Darius with Renekton the other day and this is level 2 where I had level advantage on his level 1, I W him when he was trying to lasthit minion, then Q, let him escape, now he's 30% health, I try do same thing again with Flash Ignite and enraged W and suddenly this guy without a heal summoner, or a barrier, manages to escape and comes back with 50% health after just couple hits with minions. I had to wait entire 4 minutes to do that combo again until I finally managed to punish this %%%%%% from getting into damage range. Later in the game he just demolished me without resistance just after 1 gank. Like how does this game work anymore? Characters that used to be strong in early, at least with level advantage can't abuse stuff for s--- and other champions that are the META champions can basically build full damage items and still be able to tank 5 man team. This game is like beyond broken and all you do is release some toy shops in the client? Have we been milked out of all of our value? So you no longer care about us? Because I don't feel I'm cared at all when all you do is release some online shops while these broken issues remain unfixed. Like how is the game even a bit slightly with the whole idea of rune pages? Why can't you just remove them altogether and add the variety in starting items and being able to build better end game gear? And when everyone is basically taking same runes anyway, what's the point? Has the game become now some IQ test that just makes sure people who pick the meta builds online and main 1 champion can get to challengers and masters, while remaining players get nothing? Like you could just add 150 gold in start and offer items on top of those of the healing and mana regeneration to help people accomplish the stuff runes were supposed to fill anyway. It's just cluttered mess after cluttered mess and I'm really getting tired of this constant changing BS. And the interview with Riot said that they want people to specialize on a single champion. Just pick a champion that you're good with and get better with it. So they're basically telling you should spend all your hundreds of hours pressing 6 action buttons with a specific order and never swapping more than maybe that 2nd summoner, with same build and pretty much same items, because all tanks build now is health, all AP builds now is Zhonya and full damage, all AP builds is GA and full damage... What happened to the MOBA, where you're trying to outsmart enemy by counter picks and being able to select right champion for the right moment. Now Riot seems to think that the game needs to be able to make any champion adapt against to any single champion, even if it's counter pick. Like a champion that suffers early against range poke like Pantheon, now can just pick a different rune page and their perceived counterpick is now pretty much just early game annoyance they are most likely able to deal with. Why can't the guy adapt with the itemization like in the old seasons? Remember when AD carries had to build armor to defend themselves against assassins? Now it's like "give me everything" and I will build same build every single game and pick a same role and same items every single time. And then you expect people to actually play as a team when you literally encourage toxic behavior with these hyper tanky junglers basically owning every single lane when they get going, while rest of the team yells "noob". These ganks barely are even organized anymore when all you mostly need is just apply your proc on enemy and you're all good, the ally can finish you off with their procs. It didn't used to be that way. I'm just extremely confused now and frustrated about the direction of the game is taking.
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