People need to ACCEPT there are some match ups that they CAN'T WIN without help...

I recently had a game where the mid lane was {{champion:7}} vs {{champion:3}} (I main support). Now lets think about this for a moment because the {{champion:7}} was deluded enough to believe she could actually win this match up. She ended up feeding 7 kills to Galio in 15 minutes because she refused to listen to her team who were telling her "Don't engage him, stay under tower, farm and wait for help". That is not rocket science but she refused to listen, rather being ignorant and not respecting {{champion:3}} tankiness to repel her burst (She built no magic penetration, first item was {{item:3285}}) or his damage. In the end I had to watch helplessly as Galio became stronger and stronger and there was nothing I could do to help, as I main {{champion:43}} who is AP based and would therefore do hardly any damage if I was building full AP, which I was not because I was building support and we lost the game because of it. Now, I need to ask, why do people do this. League is not an anime, {{champion:7}} is not going to go super-saiyan and own everyone when she is behind so why is this so difficult to understand. If I had been playing her, I would have not engaged him in the first place to give him the first kill and would have held the lane until the jungler ganked (which is what I do when I play mid with {{champion:43}}). Not as glamorous as "carrying" but it gets the job done and provides safety for me and for everyone else by warding and alerting my team to his movements so nobody else gets killed by him. Why are people incapable of doing this? It happens nearly every game with me in some form or another. Why are people agressive to the stupid degree and don't actually know what to expect from that match up. Knowledge is power.
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