Okay so how do you actually play vs rengar top and what do you pick?

Okay, so i've always been stomped by rengar top, it is probably the pick that has the least amount of counters in the entire game. Okay so, he stacks ferocity from the bushes right? So what do you do? You fight him before its stacked, problem is he can keep at full ferocity forever by jumping in between, you cant play safe because of the range either, so you pick something thats strong early and mid game and can chase someone down. So my thought was Olaf, seems like a perfect counter am i right? Well you're wrong, you throw an axe at an allied minion thats low that he is about to jump to and he gets hit and slowed, so what do you do, do you chase or not? You chase because he can negate your poke with w, what does he do? he comboes you and runs away, while w'ing your slow and getting a speed boost to run away with while recharging comboes and then killing you in the next engage. If its not enough to run away he will ult get a huge speed boost and then run away. What do you pick vs that champion? Grasp ignite rengar is impossible to play vs.

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