A change to promo series

From Discoheat: Riot on promo games: "Many players have suggested that their least favorite part of the ranked experience is the existence of promotion series. We've all heard the stories of players who consistently fail a promotion series upwards of 10+ times. This post isn't about the removal of the promotion series, but a tweak to how they work. Currently, when you complete a promotion series you are protected for a couple of games from being demoted. However, its very easy to slip back a division if you go on a short losing streak (~2 games) while at 0 LP. I have no problem with this outcome, and I suspect very few people do. However, the resulting scenario becomes less than desirable. You find yourself at ~75 LP in the division you started with. This requires you to win 2 games to trigger a promotion series, and to win 2 of the 3 games to succeed. Its a fairly frustrating experience knowing you have to win 4 of your next 5 games just to return to the division you just unlocked. My suggestion (and I'm sure its been said before), is to remove the promotion series requirements for divisions you've already unlocked and let you move freely between these tiers. Keep the promotion series to "unlock" a new division/tier for that feeling of progress or accomplishment."
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