I recently returned... Much to my displeasure.

As I do every few months with a big update. Only to find that this patch is a complete fuckfest. Even more so than anything prior, to the point I feel that this game has became Call of legends: Duty of the league. I'm an old player who has been around since god knows when. I've been on and off for a few years now, usually following most of your mistakes... But this? I can't even play a single game without wanting to quit ten minutes in... This time around I've managed maybe 3 matches and can't even bring myself to force another down my throat for the 'Nostalgic experience.' Because it isn't there anymore. It's a completely different game giving a completely different experience. It is the call of duty experience in a moba. All everyone wants is the original modern warfare. Yet they cram shit down your gullet year after year and when it finally comes... You know the rest. At least with call of duty I still own the original modern warfare in box and can play it any time I please... So congratulations riot. Thanks for the fun times. But I'm done completely. And through the wonderful wizardry that is mathematical probability. I can deduce that I'm far from the only one who feels this way (Okay I've seen many posts saying the same... But still.)
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