riot has to take actions for ranked

Tonight, I've started ranking againg after months of normal. And, GEEZ, THE EXERPIENCE IS AWFULLY FRUSTRATING. NO FUN AT ALL. A REAL PAIN. On 3 games, I've been paired 3 times with feeders, when there was none on the other team. Thats hardly a coincidence. Something has to be wrong with algorithms. Riot punishes flamers, but flamers arent the problem. The real problem is people feeding. This is why other people flame. So, riot has to take action. Either they have to punish the careless feeders, the people who never play in team and recklessly chase for kda and get rekt. Or make it so people who are stuck with those toxic trash do not sustain the consequences of their recklessness. Like, those who dont feed do not lose LP, or whatever. But in this situation, ranked is an awfully pointless experience where victory feels completely random and undue.
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