Dodge the game if these requirements are met

These are the scenarios I found that you should probably dodge in games. I would appreciate if you guys also added some. Here are mine: 1. Flame war in team chat 2. Atleast 2 of your teammates are counter picked 3. No tanks and all AD 4. Enemy picked 3 tanks (if they even classify or build as tank majority of games by players) 5. Enemy has a wombo combo comp 6. An ally picking a 450ip champ when their prefered champ is banned or picked(they will most likely first time in order to not lose LP by dodging) 7. Enemy has picked 3 assassins and you have less than 2 tanks 8. Enemy has picked {{champion:84}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:91}} . This one is probably is due to my lack of knowledge and skill to beat these champs * Enemy has 4 ranged champs and you have less than 3
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