,,Jhin , The Deadeye "

Jhin Promotional Teaser
Uploaded by SkinSpotlights on 2016-01-01.
Am i the only one who thinks that Riot just trolls us ? :D Its a little bit to obvious that it will be a new Adc if you look at the other ,,teasers" of new champions like lets just say Braum it was pretty hidden and not so obvious presented to us , dont get me wrong i would enjoy a new Adc with new mechanics ( Kalista is already here for a while and Kindred is a awsome jungler but not rly a adc ) but it seems like its to good to be true . What do you guys think about this whole ,,Jhin The Deadeye " thing ? Btw Riot thx for the awsome new Sona and Zed Wallpaper for my Desktop :P
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