Carrying as support

Hey, I am curious if you could help me a bit here. I am a support main. That means that I am very reliant on my team to actually do things, for me to win games. I am currently in Gold IV, just got demoted from Gold III. I seek to improve my gameplay, as it is clearly lacking. From my last 8 games I won 1. And here comes my question. Or rather questions. 1. What to do, when your other lanes are losing badly and you are equally matched on bot? I find it quite often, that say the enemy mid gets 2 or 3 early kills, roams top twice to give their top an advantage, while bot lane is more or less in a stalemate and we cannot move out of it to help them. The jungler fails to create enough pressure and from there it's just snowballing till we cannot do much but hug our towers and even then we are being dived and killed. So what can I possibly do, as say Sona or Nami to help my team avoid such situations? The most obvious for me would be warding, but it forces me out of lane which we are already evenly matched on, leaving me behind in gold and experience. I try to roam mid after I back, before returning to bot, but usually I come to defend the tower as the mid just died. Any hints? 2. What to do, when your lane is being pressured and your team fails to react? Sometimes I find myself in situations, where the enemy mid just scored her 3rd kill on mid and roams mid, to duo gank with their jungler. We see that happen, and we are left with either try to defend the tower or lose the lane to the enemy for free. Usually the adc and me are enough to keep the enemies at bay, but sometimes the snowball is far enough we can't do much. Should we just open the lane and hope for a better situation later? Doing that will just lead to all towers falling for free, as if we can't defend ourselves on the first, how can we defend the second? What can be possibly done? 3. What supports carry the potential of taking initiative? I am a dedicated Sona player, although I do play Leona and Nami. I used to play Lulu last season and some Thresh in low Bronze, but since rising in ranks, I found my mechanics with those two to be too lacking for the level of gameplay. Should I try to return to those supports? I reached Gold with around 75% win rate on Sona and some 60-65% on Leona and Nami. But now I find myself struggling to be equal with other palyers. If I have one decent other lane, I will play around it, setting up Wards for us to utilize for ambushes in the enemy jungle or something like that. But in the long run, I feel like the entire flow of the game is out of my hands, and I am being reduced to heal monkey, hiding behind my entire team. Later in the game I have not enough dmg to be a threat, I don't have enough resistances to survive the enemy dmg and even if I CC, my team might not follow and it will be a lost cooldown. Anything I can try, other than the AP supports like Annie, Zyra or Brand. I hate those.
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