Depressed ADC Mains thread

Hello, peak d4 ADC main here, this is a thread for all those ADC mains out there who still main ADC or had to commit role-sudoku to get away. Do you have flashbacks about getting 5 man dived at 4 minutes? Do you have flashbacks of a 0/10 Yasuo 2shotting you, or a tank poppy chasing you through 19 towers, 1 hitting you and walking out at 80% HP? Do you remember the dark times when your toplaner was 0/3 at 5 minutes and you can't do anything about it? Your not alone. Voice your deepest traumatic experiences here. Your not alone {{champion:32}} Clip of QTPie commenting on how ridiculous collosus is and how shitty fervor is. Compare tank mysteries to ADC, ADC gets a small amount of damage after stacking for a while, tanks get thousands of health worth of shields for just landing CC. Rekkles, one of the best ADCs in the world (Best in europe IMO) saying ADCs are extremley weak and especially in solo que it's a 50/50 . Phy (Diamond 1 peak challenger ADC main) commenting on exactly what i'm saying - ADC is unplayable in anything below mid diamond. Perkz playing a game where he watches a vayne get 100-0'd by tank poppy and then says " adc in 2017 lol " Qtpie commenting on a vayne (challenger) who says ADC is the worst role in the entire game. Tweet from Zven, worlds 2015 semifinalist, commonly thought of as one of the best ADCs in the west (if not the best behind Rekkles and Forgiven) Gosu also liked this tweet Qtpie, scarra and Sihptur talking about how shitty adc is Ghostcrawler, previous lead developer of WoW and current gameplay developer of League saying they need to look into ADCs Phreak saying ADCs are the least self sufficient they have ever been
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