Which role/lane feeds more in your games?

I am not a good player, but imo I am not a bad player either; though some sites (mobalytics) describe me as **k/d/a **player I would like to go with a different description (porofessor): **Unkillable laner**. I play support and in most of the games I try to ping, warn to make sure that "bot lane" doesn't feed and surprisingly,majority of adc players play against it. Though I dislike solo-laners feeding equally and not at all helping in any way(not even pinging for missing enemies), on average I find that adc players have fed more in my games. Playing "**bad**" is subjective, but not playing "**as a team**" is what I consider bad in a team game and no offence to good adc players I played with and yet to play with. p.s: just curious and no bad intention behind it.

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