I really don't understand this. Why ARURF again? I thought that maybe after last time they brought back ARURF Riot might have thought about it a bit better this year, I saw overwhelming amounts of people saying ARURF was a lot worse than old URF where we got to chose our champion, yet Riot didn't listen to the community and just gave us the same thing with less champs and the new (fun) snowball mechanic. ARURF isn't fun for anyone who gets a subpar champion which is, the vast majority of people who play it. You can only have fun when you've got a strong champion, otherwise you find yourself cowering in fear since one minimal misstep means you die. It isn't fun. Either let us chose our champions so that everyone get's a strong or fun champion or if you're so intent on keeping ARURF, disable the champions that are simply useless (in URF) so that once again, everyone can get a strong and fun champion. I don't understand what's so complicated. Nobody wants to get stuck playing Darius against stuff like Syndra, Varus and Lulu in URF, unless you enjoy spending more time with a gray screen than playing the game.
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