**_Heyyo, it's nice to meet you. And thank you for stopping by!_** So, about supports. Let's say I'm playing Soraka(Or any other supporter for that matter) on bot lane, and see my adc teammate go for a kill, he or she gets the enemy low, but I'm not enteirly sure if my adc will be able to kill the enemy player before he escapes, so i kill the enemy and immidiately get harassed. "omg report soraka ks" What if my adc would've missed the kill or had to burn a flash in order to get the kill? There's nothing wrong with kill confirming, right? My question being: Is it bad if i accidentally kill the enemy even if i know that my adc will certainly get the kill? I've people saying that the sole purpose of the adc role is to get it as fed as possible, i'm not quite sure if this is right or not. Let's say i get a few kills, that would still make the team stronger, right? As long as the team gets stronger it doesn't matter who gets the kills, right? Someone, please explain.
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