LoL changing to something it wasnt'

When you have played for so many years you can see the changes done and you ask yourself, Is this even the same game I used to play? Some changes are truly for the best, Others are utterly not, You find yourself looking at other moba's and cannot help feel like you are now playing a game that's on a linear path, LoL now feels like Hots and that sucks, i'm not really enjoying the gameplay anymore, everything feels limited, controlled and linear, matches are predictable, You feel like you can sum up most matches after 20 mins, Runes feel like they have 1% effect regardless of what you choose, Players are so 1 dimensional and when losing always play the blame game, I try be cheery even when losing but someone can utterly confuse that for trolling even when you yourself are having a bad match, It's sad the game has fallen so hard, What has happened to this game ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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