Tips to save your LP during champion select

A lot of people crying because of their teammates and their terrible performances.So here it is a list with tips to save your lp during champion select. Start permanently banning Ezreal or Riven.They're champions who need knowledge,positioning and require a lot of patience during laning phase.You dont want them in your team.No Bronze,Silver,Gold or Platinum players can play them properly.(Except some one tricks with millions of points but what are the chances to queue up with them?) If you see that someone's pick is out of meta like Ashe Support,MF support,Teemo Jungle etc DODGE THE GAME.It won't work and you know it.You'll save your own LP.Don't try to be a hero. If you see that your teammates typing a lot,being toxic during champion select,banning other people's picks etc DODGE THE GAME.They're going to int.Everyone knows that... SUPER IMPORTANT: If you queued up with a guy who picked Singed DODGE THE GAME INSTANTLY.It's not worth to ban the champion because his pick rate is extremely low but if you are unlucky and get one in your team don't think about it and save your LP. Start checking teammates through you queued up with a 45% wr top laner who wants to play the 3-4 time nerfed Kayle or with a 47% wr mid laner who played 500 games with Yasuo and he's still Silver 4 DODGE THE GAME. Risky picks from teammates: Cassiopeia,Xerath,Syndra etc aka a lot of mechanics,positioning,knowledge.It's not working in low elo.Try to avoid This list can be further extended but right now these are the tips who came to my mind.I'm sorry if i made Grammar mistakes.
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