Dear Jungler Mains

I have something I do not understand. What do you do when one of your laner is losing (either feeding or losing pressure and control which makes that said lane is impossible to gank) ? What do you do when all of your lanes are doing that? This is a serious question as I'm trying to improve at jungling a bit. However, unlike some junglers mains. If a lane is losing their lane, I do not see how to help that player. And if all of them are losing it, I don't see how to carry the win. By losing lane I mean one of the following: - enemy is feed with kills, has enough gold to 1v2 me and the laner - enemy has the entire lane control (wave control), constantly pushing and my team mate can't break though it without blue buff (this is usually back up by wards) - enemy has constant kill pressure, and can, at any given point, all-in my team mate and kill him/her - losing turret (extension of point 2) So basically, putting out a successful gank (kill the enemy or make them blow flash/heal/barier) becoming close to impossible unless the enemy over extends or makes a big mistake. Or when ganking any other lane -> death team mate in other lane.
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