Farming as an ADC

I have one simple problem that bothers me nearly every game i play. So i've been an adc main in S3 and S4 but haven't really played in 5 and 6. Now I started again and I'm just wondering how to keep my farm up after the laning phase ends - If we group mid I don't really get the cs and if I'm jungling around the area to be there early when a fight starts i don't nearly reach 10 Cs/Min. But if I try to farm a sidelane, even on our half of the map, someone always just roams and kills me or at least burns my sums. Now that's when you might say we win a teamfight mid because it's a 4v3 or something now, and that might be true but a)That just doesn't really...happen...either my team doesn't engage or the enemies manage to disengage even though they're only 3 people (and no, I'm not blaming the players in my elo) and b)I see pro players having like 300 cs at 30 mins _**WHILE ALSO**_ participating in most teamfights does it work? :)
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