(half serious) Zac question

I have a question about {{champion:154}} , but first i gotta tell you a little story Im relatively new to this game and i tried Zac on free rotation in an AI bot game I havent read a guide yet, just bought machete and pots and skilled "something" my thoughts after my first veigar AI game earlier, where a Vayne went 4/29/5 were: i cant be THAT bad, afterall its bots.... So i start gromp, go like 10% and struggle to kill blue, even after chugging both pots. my bad, should have red a guide... so i go back to base, heal up, get more pots and return to blue ( i know, its not even needed, i figured that out myself, red would at least helped abit clreaing with the burn while im on blue our Kata, who went duo mid with Riven, roams up, steals the blue (i didnt care about the buff, but the farm, i was too far behind, if that was a PvP game.... thats why the little noob me plays AI) to my WTF? she replys "im mid, dummie" Im not here to qq, after the game i saw she was only lvl 2, (and i really hope thats no smurf) it was a bot game and im here to have fun So my question: after that all happened i noticed Zac mumbling something. But as far up i put the volume, i couldnt understand it. It sounded like **"everybody is a prick" ** could that be? if thats it, im buying him, even if i never get used to him and play a bot game here or there. i was in {{item:3070}} literally!
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