How you support and how YOU DON'T

Since my first pvp games I have always played support and I am often said that I am good at this role . Lately, I have started doing some adc, solely because I like Caitlyn's design {{champion:51}} so I am playing her often. I am getting REAL TIRED of bad supports. These people first call support in champ select and then are superbad. if you don't support your adc well, you can't expect him to carry you lategame, simply because you didn't give him a good laning phase. I am not saying that if the lane is lost, then it's the support's fault as many adcs say just for rage but MANY lanes are lost because of a bad support, so i decided to write here a few tips for everyone to read. This way, If you support, don't make these stupid mistakes that totally FUCK your adc's carrying potential. 1) Farm. Don't take farm or take very few farm. Why? Because you don't need it. Why would you take something that you don't even need. It's ok getting a couple of minion every now and then but don't make the mistake to take farm, becuase IT IS a mistake, even if you are an AP Support. It's a mistake to take farm becuase your adc needs it desperately to have a good lategame. Plus, you already should have gold income items. {{item:3302}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3303}} these items already give you all the gold you need especially {{item:3303}} gives a lot of gold. In conclusion, don't take farm. Not because we don't want you to, because YOU DON'T NEED IT. 2) Poke and engage. This is a simple concept. If you are an Ap support, Poke the enemy adc to death, oblige them to go back or recall, make them lose gold and experience or dare to stay in lane with very few hps and get killed by your adc. If you are a Tank support, engage on the enemy adc preferably in a moment when their adc is not beside them or isn't in lane. There are some situaions where it is worth to engage on the enemy support, but NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER engage on a tank support unless they are very low health, you won't kill him and it isn't worth it, plus, if their adc is there, he will probablt kill one of you while you try to take down a tanky champ like idiots. {{champion:12}} Many times I see my support engaging while I am far from him, and then they write in the chat "useless adc" because i simply I couldn't save him from his stupidity of engaging alone. So, don't engage alone. As a support you have low or none damage output, you will just get yourself killed and feed the enemy. 3) Wards. (Laning phase only) This seems to be the HARDEST thing to grab. SUPPORT WARD PLS. Whereas it is true that all roles should ward, **especially ealy game, the duty to ward bot lane is of the support. ** Sometimes i get supports that don't even use their yellow trinket, WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU CALL SUPPORT IF YOU BEHAVE LIKE THIS. IS IT SO HARD AND EXPENSIVE TO DO? Especially early in the game your adc can't put many wards down apart from their {{item:3340}} so it is up to the support to make up for that, buy {{item:2049}} or couple of {{item:2044}} . ALWAYS. If you don't, you get ganked and die then your adc will be right to blame you. Why would your adc renounce to buy a good {{item:1038}} to buy some wards ? It isn't worth it. Let your adc buy his core items and YOU make up for the lack of wards by keeping bot lane warded. 4) Summoner spell: Exhaust {{summoner:3}} People in soloQ behave like they don't even know what this summoner does. Well, here is what it does: It slows the target movement speed by 30% AND greatly reduces the target attack speed and damage output for few seconds. There. It doesn't only slow the target. it isn't worth to use it to slow people when you can use it to reduce their damage. This summoner spell is to be used especially When yours and the enemy adc will autoattack each other until one of them dies. Use it to make sure that your adc doesn't die or that he wins a fight. FFS. Don't use it to slow people. Don't use it on the enemy support just because he has engaged. For example, IF an enemy alistar charges on your adc and the enemy Jinx starts attacking YOUR adc **THEN DON'T USE EXHAUST ON ALISTAR JUST BECUASE HE IS CLOSER TO YOUR ADC ORYOUR MOUSE CURSOR, USE IT ON JINX. GET IT? ON THE ADC. YOU REDUCE THEIR DAMAGE OUTPUT, YOUR ADC WINS.** 5) "I am support but I go full AP and carry" Sweet jesus. Why. If you want to go AP carry, then call for mid lane, not for support, queue another game and gg.
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