WTF is going on with nidalee.

Hey guys. I'm kinda a huge irelia + nidalee main but after they nerfed nidalee hard (back then she was also known as top lane kassadin for being too op with just trinity and tabis vs mele bruisers). But then RITO hard nerfed her and only some enthusiasts continued playing nida jungle (with kinda average winrate). In last like 2-3-4 months I was actually playing in jungle only as kayn and hm. Whenever I was playing vs nidalee it was a total horror for me. And any enemy nidalee jungler was like a huge problem with just full ap build. So, when the hell she become strong again? I just missed that moment. Can anyone explain? For reference, my level is like diamond5-diamond2. It's not gold where you win just by macro plays. I tried playing nida and it really feels much stronger. And you can usually play really safe by stealing enemy camps while enemy jungler is on the other side of the map. In mid game you just spam spears and if you feel confident to WQ then you do it. If you don't feel like it's safe to jump you continue spamming Qs. And it feels like more dmg than it was 1-2 years before.
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