Taliyah feedback

Okay so i've been playing this new champion and I wanted to leave some feedback. Taliyah may be very good at control but overall her damage output is rather unreliable and i'm going to point out some of the flaws which in my opinion needs improvement. Her passive.. what the hell? Couldn't think of anything else to give her? It's useless and has 0 impact on combat. This just makes you roam a bit faster. Q, Okay i can live with the skill shot thing but the worked ground stays there for far too long and it's duration or radius needs to be reduced. I simply cannot output enough damage since everyone stays behind minions and my wave clear is rather slow. W, Her W seems rather decent, so yeah I wouldn't change that. Maybe add some passive effect so that she can have a bit more.. complexity. E, This needs to get a buff on the slow or initial damage output. By the time i try to setup an E W combo I get raped by the enemy. And last but not least, her ulti. It's a very nice ability and adds some diversity to the game, but it doesn't last long enough and in my opinion it should be thicker. Thick enough that people cannot simply dash through it. I hope she gets a buff very soon cause i enjoy her play style but she really needs something better to deal damage. The most important change in my opinion should be to reduce the worked ground duration.
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