Why would they remove ARAM bans?

I am still confused as to why the ban system was removed this quickly? I am an avid aram player, and that might be a understatement, with 5k games under my belt. And while the bans were here I was enjoying arams again like it was the first time I tried it again, and my friends were joining in too. It was great fun and exciting again. With 143 champions in this game now it was still alot of different matchups that for me made it more exciting than ever before. And even with the winrates of different champions being so high like Sona, Maokai or Ziggs, those were not even banned that often, it was always different. People banned on preference, I on my part banned Caitlyn most of my games, but never saw anyone else do that. So yeah I am confused, and disappointed that they would revert this great change that so many I seemed to really like. And while you are here reading my little rant, let me know your opinions about it and answer the poll aswell. I'm really passionate about ARAM(obviously with 5k games). Thanks :)
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