Poppy, The Iron Ambassador...of bitch slapping

Ok, so...anybody's who has played with me or plays with me knows that i like that 1 percent. Meaning, i love unpopular champions, I used to main Morde before his rework as a juggernaut or his buff on patch 5.4, i may be the only kassadin main in my elo and i love playing unexpected champions like karthus or singed. This one in paticular, is the master of bitch slapping {{champion:78}} I mean, i know why she isn't played (inb4 omg, weak early, too many counters, mana hungry etc. etc.), so why make a thread about it? EVEN if you get your counter, if you play smart you can delete anybody from the game,even a counter like satan {{champion:17}} Are you tired of juggernauts ruining your fun? PICK POPPY Do you want a jungler who can 1V1 drake at levle 3? PICK POPPY Do you want to to have mobility to escape any gank? PICK POPPY Want to go AP top? PICK POPPY want to go AD top? PICK POPPY Do you want an ult that denies turret aggro, nidalle spears, teemo blinding darts and lux ultis? PICK POPPY I mean seriously, give katarina a break, stop playing zed, and forget yasuo, this gal is the go to champion. edit: I was piss drunk when i wrote this, I just noticed i made this post 27 days ago....i don't remember any of this;
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