Does jungle need another rework?

I feel that the new jungle is actually really bad right now, maybe it's just me, but it's so much harder to prevent snowballing now and I'll explain. Jungle xp got nerfed which was much needed but I think Riot overkilled it, if you have a bad start in jungle and fall behind it is SO difficult to catch up, you know if I am losing my lane and I need the jungler to gank they can't because "they need to farm" just to stay ahead in xp. Not to mention if one lane starts snowballing, the laner is going to be around 3/4 levels higher than you and maybe 1/2 levels higher than your laner meaning that sometime's they will be able to just 2v1 you then come back into lane even stronger and less gankable, not to mention that the failed gank+death time puts you even further behind in xp, leaving you no choice but to go back to jungle and farm xp leaving your laner in a lane not being able to farm and possibly die and feed even more to the fed snowballer.
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