Make smurfs legal and close down soloQ for smurf-accounts.

Why do people need to smurf in SoloQ? Fact is, they dont. SoloQ are Riots most used competitive ladder, making everything as even as they can get, so that millions of players world wide can fight on equal terms. A system yet to be overdone by other games. However, Smurfs are continually engaging games in SoloQ, making games unfair for the opposition (this is true no matter for what reasons or intentions you have going into that game). We know Riot has means of identifying smurf accounts, but they stop taking them into concideration after lvl30. So my suggestion is this: Include an option in account creation "This is a smurf account". Checking it, will let you link your main account to the new smurf account. Smurf account will start at lvl30, with the 6 most played champs fromy your main account. However, SoloQ will forever be locked on that account. You can use it to train, play customs, RGM, ARAM, blind\draft pick and flexQ. From the discussion ive had with several other smurfs in another thread, I know they value the opportunity to play without long waiting times, training new champs and the likes... Ive primarily opposed to it, cause I prioritize the health of SoloQ as the main ranked competition, over smurf wants. This solution would give them this ability, and protecting the integrity of SoloQ aswell. I mean, smurfs cant argue that they MUST train new champs in soloQ? Thoughts?
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