Another Ezreal nerf RIOT? Why?

(Read the damn post... not ONLY THE TITLE!!!) Ok, so Ezreal is good right now ONLY because of Kleptomancy... without it he's pretty much a pile of crap... so there's ABSOLUTELY ZERO room for creativity now with Ezreal... you play ONLY KLEPTO and ONLY with his blue build... anything else is just useless... now you brought his AD growth down because you changed Infinity Edge... I get it... you pretty much nerfed all ADCs that way and Ez doesn't use IE so he would be very strong... but he really isn't... he's good only between level 6 and level 12-13... after that he's being outscaled by everything that walks on the rift... in late game if you play Ezreal and the other team has a couple of real big tanks you just want to cry... you do ABSOLUTELY ZERO DMG TO THEM... you shoot them with 20 Qs and they're still not dead... I mean seriously, look at an Ezreal in late game and then look at a Tristana, Caitlyn, Vayne, Jinx, whatever hyper carry taking over the whole game like nothing... I'm not saying Ezreal should do that... but he should at least be able to fight back... Hypothetical scenario... two teams go into teamfight in late game... one has Ezreal, the other has Tristana... both ADCs are very mobile so they can protect themselves... but one of them is Tristana... so if both teams do well and protect their ADCs ONE team has a clear advantage... the one WITHOUT EZREAL... So, if you nerf his AD growth, that makes him just a little bit worse on the only part of the game he's actually good at... mid game... why? BTW, I did try other Ezreal builds with mastries like Glacial Augment and Electrocute and even Press the Attack... newsflash... nothing works... Ezreal NEEDS now the money from klepto because without it he gets left behind even when he's playing good... the only way to be good with Ezreal now is to be one full item ahead of your opponent because of god damn kleptomancy... that's how USELESS Ezreal really is now... great job RIOT... BRAAAAAAVO!!! PS. At first I was happy that my favorite champ was so good with Klepto... but now I'm just sad... I wish Ezreal could never use Klepto because it's STUPID... I would very much prefer Ezreal having more power in himself and being viable with different builds and masteries... now he's just a stupid Kletpo-champ that plays only one build, every single game and this will never change... I hate that my favorite champ has borrowed power from a damn mastery while other champs are good because of their own power...
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