The worst champion in the game

so my friend asked me who do u think is the worst champion in league and i didnt know what to tell him so i wanted to creat this disscution about the worst champion in the game so what makes a champion bad well many things : first hes weak in a sense were he doesnt do his job that hes created for like a tank not tanking or an assassin not killing any one second too many bad match ups too many counter picks and bad kit or there alot of champions that have a similer kit but better so who do u think is the worst mine is everyone gonna dissagree but ima try my best to convince u and im sad about it but its diana i have 270k points so i know what im talking about here so why is diana the worst champion in league in my opinon will its simply all bad champion things in one champion p.s dont look at win rate or tell me oh but diana one shots me every time shes sp broken well lets start first diana is very very weak vs mr hixdrinker is the number one counter to diana so is bashies she cant break through that 2) too many counters every champion wiht a dash counter diana cause it cancles ur r no damage no reset also shes very weak to cc and slows like many carry champion but when other champions like yi have there speed up and q to doge those she doesnt 3) shes hasnt really been changed through out the years so every time the meta items and champions change she still the same and that really really bad if u cant tell , why will i till u why in the mage update when they changed the mage items diana got hit hard cause her build got weaker (roa into nashors ) she cant one shot the back minons so her wave clear is bad and she doesnt deal as much damage so she changed her build to dcap and spell binder now she deals more dmage but she has no %%%%ing mana to do so she got a good item now but u took away abetter one and of course all the changes with tp and other champions being add like sylas mad her even weaker 4) she deals consistent damage but not for along time she deals alot of damge in the late game but she dies so fast that i dont really think its fair so in the end if u want to make the argument that a champion is bad or not , that champion has to be not viable in most cases and u should always ask the question why pick this champion when u have that (why pick diana when u have kassadin sylas and any other mage ) for diana shes a hot miss shes not a fighter or an assassin and not even both she needs changes and riot ideas isnt really good i have alot of ideas to change her i will post them later in the end this is my idea if u dissagree with me tell my why if u think there is a worse champion tell me i want to know
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