ADC's who can harass for themselves (and 'why' or 'against who' please)

_**TLDR:** I suck at late-game stomping ADCs and want to begin maining more mechanically strenuous mid-game stompers instead who can do the lane bullying for themselves and thus rely less on their support in order to maintain the ability to properly CS in the face of a bully-comp enemy duo._ Basically, I will never be an adc main that I am certain of. I am one of those weird people who hates support more than I hate adc but would love to play support any day rather than adc if the partner in botlane is bad relative to the enemy duo's average skill. Why? I realised this came down to the types of ADC I love, I love the type who play simply to farm and to stomp late even with 0 kills until 17 mins in but then I realised the prison I was sentencing myself to with a bad support. Basically, if my support is bad I cannot even farm properly in the first place IF THE OTHER SUPPORT IS GOOD (this doesn't mean passive, I can happily work with a cowardly support and tower-farm with them soaking harass as a tank, sustaining as a healer or harassing as a mage). So like, say I'm Vayne with a Leona and the enemy are Varus and Morgana (yes I know Varus is late-game but his range makes him untouchable for me when if I so much as tip toe slightly towards him it's an immediate burn from the morgana, spell-shield on herself so leona can't hook and basically free 2-3 seconds ot aim her q at me and basically that is not a tiny chunk at all in one big trade to be losing for the sake of harassing. I can't do the Vayne/Sivir mentality of 'just hit the minions' ESPECIALLY NOT WITH THIS PARTICULAR LEONA as let's say she has a natural propensity for optimism and feels she is useless if she does what she's supposed to and sustains me with relic shield and instead hits every minion under tower and engages hard on morgana making me basically 'have to engage' (no seriously I do have to as passive farming isn't an option since the entire minions are reforming around that fight)... In short, you get the idea. Two answers to my topic will probably be Ezrael and Lucian but I would truly appreciate explanations of how to efficiently avoid being mana-starved with them as I always feel that's an issue as they demand so much in trading. (this is a smurf of a smurf the match history of this account is totally irrelevant to what I've posted here)
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