I have to discuss 2 topics

After getting really tired at the community itself, I have to adress some of the issues I have with the game. _Issue 1_: I always get bad teams. Simple as that. Almost every game I play ends in failure because bot and mid lane just goes 0/5 at 10 mins, I get a good score then attempt to 1v9. I don't understand how every player in my team has a bad game, and every enemy has their best game. What are the chances? This also happens in ranked, but less often. _Issue 2_: Riot seems to have forgotten about old players. I have created a new account, and to my suprise almost every level I get spammed with skins, BE and champions that cost 4800+. What's the point? I get like 1 champ per week, but a new player who is level 10 enjoys multiple expensive champions for free and a lot of BE by basically playing 20 games? What even is the point? Also, another thing I'd like to add that has already been adressed multiple times (I'm certain) is purchase refunds. You get 3 per account and nobody tells you they don't refresh, so I ended up using mine on 450 BE champs ( of course when I did waste them, we had IP and it's been years). This is all. I'm sure nothing will be done about it and old players will be left to die away trying to get BE while new players will continue to enjoy more and more rewards.
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