Jinx current state

First off all i'll introduce myself, I've played league for almost 4 years now and i started during s4 preseason, before playing Jinx i played Tristana (pre rework) and a bit of Irelia, then i discovered Jinx and i main her since 3 years now. i've got almost 2k games with her, 665k mastery points on my main acc and 150k on other accounts. I peaked Gold IV in s4, Plat I in s5, Diam II 75lp in s6 and Diam III 100lp in s7 (i lost 7 promos to D2 btw) But these days, i feel like Jinx is just the worst ad carry when you play in a decent elo, other adcs are better than her, she's getting outclassed in every point she's strong at, there is actually no reason to pick Jinx when you can pick another adc. Let's use Twitch as an example, he has a better laning phase than Jinx, a stronger midgame with his catch and 1v1 potential, his lategame is the same as Jinx if he is not better. Jinx is low tier, with Tristana and Sivir, but she's low tier since almost 1 year now, but these days she's just unplayable, toptier adc just destroys her, Lucian, Draven, Xayah, Cait etc I won't even talk about tabis. Riot needs to put flat damage on her Rocket launcher Q, or make it deal 120% ad damage. Or revert the old scaling per level attack speed nerf, make it scale on her Q level, because this is a joke. Riot needs to show some love to Jinx, Ashe is toptier since 1 year and she's just avoiding any nerfs, but when Jinx is playable she's getting nerfed instantly.
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