I just got demoted after my first lost at 0LP

So i just played 2 very bad games with my teams being basicly Yasuo mains all 4 of them.. The first game i was playing rengar and my toplaner just came close to my red buff and AFKd for about 2 minutes my team kda was 2/9 0/9 1/11 and 2/9 While i was 4/7 obviosly we lost that bcs my whole team wanned to run it down mid.. My second game was a little bit better I was 9/8 while my team kda was 0/13 10/10 3/12 and 7/8 after this game i was demoted even if my mmr was pretty good ... i was getting 22Lp on a win and losing 16 to 18... Good job Riot your game is a failure ..
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