Rox Bans 5 Supports, agaisnt female team Vaevictis, in Competitive

RoX Banea Supports a team femenino Vaevictis Esports - League of Legends 🤯
Banean Supports a equipo profesional de mujeres - League Of Legends. Equipo RoX banea a 5 soportes troleando a Vaevictis Esports en lol esports ru. En su debut Vaevictis esports perdió ante su rival troll RoX.
Idk if someone has made a post about this. So in Russian competitive, Rox banned 5 Supports, against the female team. Idk with which intentions. Some say its "Sexist"... I honestly dont think so, taking into account Tresh, Nami and Lulu are Champs, Vaevictis often plays. Also, their Elo is Low Diamond (The Female Team), so many say they dont "Belong" to the Competitive anyway. Watcha think? I posted to see people's opinion.
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