Solo lane pyke might have been OP but i have a feeling support pyke will be D tier with the changes

Downvotes incoming - i know many people despise this pirate boi. According to patch 9.12 early preview Pyke will not be able to regenerate health when he is unseen unless he uses his w now. To "compensate" his q cooldown was reduced by a very little ammount. As someone who never had any issues dealing with pyke (platinum elo if that matters to someone) and his paper health bar this is overkill. I hope you will take some time to reconsider the impact it will have on Pyke in general. A champion with entirely telegraphed abilities. Maybe a better solution to gut solo lane pyke would be to have Pyke's uncharged q only hit 1 minion or monster **period**. That ought to gut his wave clear enough that it would actually be impossible to lose to a solo lane Pyke Unless you are really doing something wrong. I mean i can play thresh instead but i just hope you will reconsider as there are certainly bigger "balancing nightmares" out there that you could focus on right now.
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