Have the "good" Teemo players died out?

Nowadays all I hear is "eh... Teemo is annoying early, then becomes completely useless late game.". But I am sure the terror of a "good" Teemo player have been etched into everyone's very souls. The Teemo that dominates it's lane and gets a couple roam and jungle invade kills along the way... and then the true nightmare begins as the game progresses. Teemo could pop up at any moment bursting your backside, and the map have been turned into a minefield... when you step on a shroom Teeto is going to pop up deleting your meak HP bar, if not then you can be DAMN SURE he have noticed your presence and is already coming for you. The terror when the enemy team is sieging your base and any hope of breakout and turnaround is CRUSHED by the perfectly placed, ridiculously hard hitting shrooms all over the map with a Teemo in every corner!!!! Could it be that the changes to control wards and Duskblade simply ended his reign. Is the NIGHTMARE truely dead?
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