Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue

Won lane? Nvm mid fed zed again. Double kill in ur lane? nvm yi just got one in a 2v2 toplane through a countergank. Enemy splitpushing and ur pinging the shit out of it? Nah jax would rather steal enemy krugs at 25 minutes when there are 2 waves pushing into inhib turrets. Got a good engage as supp? adc sleeping. PING THE %%%% OUTTA THE SUPPORT TO NOT GO INTO THE BOT LANE TRIBRUSH AFTER LEASHING AGAINST DRAVEN THRESH? Nope they speedrunning into that shit like there's a winning lottery ticket in the brush. You then watch idly in a doomed game as ur jax and nasus rush merc treads against a 4 ad 1 tank comp. While bot lane is very impactful in the right circumstances and is fun asf with a competent lane partner, there are just far too many things in solo queue which make it the hardest to climb out of low elo with imo. Other roles, especially jungle and mid have so many win conditions for matches which are not reliant on teammates doing well. At least with support u have champion variety in regards to what the team needs whereas if ur team picks no tanks and goes full ad and ur the adc well tough shit buddy that's another loss out of ur control.
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