Has anyone ever....???

I hear a lot of people complaining about match making and rightfully so. Its an absolute joke in ranked when you get unranked players on your team that feed constantly. And the biggest counter argument is that they do it based on MMR. Well... I created a new fresh account to put that theory to the test. Here is my experience... Average 3 dodges before I manage to get into a draft game. 40% of the games (out of 10 so far) were AFK players. Enemy teams (every one of them) felt like all of them were smurfing. My team always had 1 true beginning feeding so hard it was uncarriable. So the result... As a gold player, I've played draft 10 games and lost all of them. How is that even possible from a common sense point of view? Clearly the MMR matching is broken. I had the lowest possible MMR. Also, I thought they guide match making to be 50% chance of winning? I lost all 10 games hard. Anyways, that pretty much sums it up. Anyone else ever try it out?
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