Changes on Point & Click, Dashes Skills, What is your opinion about that?

First, That How I imagine skills to be: Fizz: Q - Hecarim: E - Irelia Q => becomes like Malphite R Akali: R, Alistar: W - Diana: R - Maokai: W - Pantheon: W - Poppy: E - Quinn: E - => becomes like Azir E with Malphite R Dash Annie : Q - Jhin: Q - Kassadin: Q - Katarian: Q - Kayle Q - Malphite: Q - Miss Fortune: Q - Nunu: E - Pantheon: Q - Poppy: Passive - Teemo: Q => becomes like Brand Q Kindred: Q, E - Lee Sin Q[2] - Lux: E - Malzahar: R - Pantheon: E - Syndra: R - Twisted Fate: W => becomes like Caitlyn R For the parts of **=> becomes like Malphite R** -> I expect all Skills to hit all Champions in its path, to its Maximum Length. **=> becomes like Azir E with Malphite R Dash** -> I expect all Skills to stop The moment it hits the first Champion in its Length. **=> becomes like Brand Q** -> As it meant, It hits the First Object it touchs in its Length while Acheving the effect after that, Not being a Point & Click, but requires Scoping. **=> becomes like Caitlyn R** -> Those are skills that When it touches someone in its path, It hits him and explode, Isn't necessarily a Point & Click, But the idea Of the skill exploding before it reaches its Destination or if Someone is in the path of the Clicked Target while being clicked. I find these changes would make the Game fun and requires more skill to be played, Also It would be Fun also if all the **AutoAttacks **became something like **AirMechs **in both Melee and Ranged, Having Ranged hitting the first Object it hits. This is just a Suggestion I would like to know How do you think about it, And Why do you think it is Bad or Good? Also The skills changes i suggest is built on a little logic on them, Like for **Twisted Fate: W** being still a **Point & Click** that wil hit its target how far it goes, Since it is a Magic Card, Or for **Syndra: R** since it is controlled by her Magic like Twisted Fate, **Pantheon: E** being blocked on the first target is a bet logical, And would be Awesome if it affect the target behind him depending on the first Target Size **Lux: E** for example deals less damage and explodes(or not) If it didn't transform into the Ball, And becomes stronger of time(Maybe) **Irelia: Q** & **Fizz: Q** Being able to Hit all Champions in its Length, While **not **being a **Point & Click**, **Hecarim: E** Pushing all Champions in its Path with him,
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