Why Sylas ult literally can be the most broken and useless ult at the same time.

Before we're getting into this lets talk a bit about ults in general. Ults are designed as the most powerful or a really game impacting spell from the champ the ult is on and therefor it get's balanced arround the kit of the champ it's on so it works fine and good without giving him too much/no power at all. What could be a broken/useless ult on one champ could be a pretty balanced one on the kit from another. Here comes why Sylas ult should never have been a thing to begin with. You can't balance a champions kit arround literally every ultimate in the game and expect it to be fair and balanced. Let's take a pretty strong ult like cho gaths. On Cho you can say it's fine because it has a low cast range and he has a hard time getting close to ya (if we don't count rightous glory) and can be kited and peeled away from your adc. Also it has a pretty good ap ratio which doesn't matter too much because cho's are tanks these days anyways. Now give Sylas a champ with 2 dashes and good dmg this ult btw he also gets feast stacks which is the biggest bs. Sylas can straight up double dashes onto your squishy and press Q AA Ult to oneshot that target down because he can use the ap ratio on feast and probably will get something like roa to be tanky in alot of people. Sylas can now feast stack in the game getting alot of hp becoming super bulky which is not even close to fair if you look at his dmg output. Now let's look at a useless on for Sylas like Illaoi. Sylas now got the initial hit and no illaoi W to follow up literally giving him no ultimate until the enemy jungler comes (which could have a potential useless ultimate for sylas like nidalee or something why would you want to transform in a 2v1 situation or ever anyways). You can literally build teamcomps against his ult like illa top elise jung zoe mid vayne ad (he doesn't want the ad from final hour) and tahm support rendering his whole ult useless letting him have only 3 skills in that game. On the other side this can also turn and get pretty unfun to play if he gets a ultimate that is super unfair on his kit like Kennens for example where kennen needs a flash zhonya with good timing sylas can double dash into the enemy team with a huge af shield a huge af self heal on W and a potential zhonya for free. This happens when champs are driven to be too unique in a game with allready over 400 abilities.
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