Fiora can block new Mordekaiser ultimate. This makes no sense whatsoever and should be revisited

I've just come from watching a YouTube video on Vandiril's channel, in which it showcases all the interactions that can happen regarding Mordekaiser using his new ultimate on a large number of champions. Clearly there are some exceptions for effects and spells that negate it or avoid it such as stopwatch/zhonyas but I've got to take a stand on this: Who the fudge thinks it's logical that Fiora should be able to completely block and negate being BANISHED to freaking OBLIVION by simply standing there and posturing "engarde" with a rapier? Seriously?! I understand that against normal attacks and spells it's self explanatory but against something like this I think it's complete nonsense and a poor observation by the developers that has not been fully considered. Whilst there is still time before he finishes testing on the PTR I would like to take the opportunity to reach out to the developers and ask them to please reconsider how Fiora's riposte ability interacts with Mordekaiser's ultimate, otherwise it's a massive counter to what SHOULD be a huge gamechanger during both a 1v1 engagement or a teamfight. Come on Riot. What's the point of Fiora's title being "The Grand Duelist" if she doesn't even need to fight Mordekaiser in such a manner? Use common sense please when it comes to these elements of gameplay. Fiora's riposte should have SOME exceptions.
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